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Registered Charity 1177399

Phoenix Counselling Service provides excellent, professional and affordable counselling for people living in Burntwood, Lichfield and the surrounding areas.

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Welcome to Phoenix Counselling Service!


Since it was established in 2015, Phoenix Counselling Service has provided affordable counselling to adults living in Burntwood, Lichfield and the surrounding areas, who are not be able to access counselling via the NHS and who cannot afford private counselling. All the counsellors at Phoenix Counselling Service are professionally trained and registered with counselling associations approved by the Professional Standards Authority.


Phoenix Counselling Service provides the opportunity for you to meet with a counsellor, in a safe and confidential space, and talk about issues that are troubling you. You can find out more about our approach to counselling and what to expect here.    


Phoenix Counselling Service has a vision of counselling being available to everyone in the UK and no-one being prevented from accessing counselling through lack of money.  


To learn more about how Phoenix works and how to self-refer click here

As a small charity, Phoenix Counselling Service is non-profit making and in order to fund our running costs we are very grateful for grants from local and national trusts, private donations and financial contributions made by people using the service.


Our Trustees are responsible for ensuring that the service we provide is of a high standard and that our organisation meets the legal requirements of our charitable status. The manager of Phoenix is responsible for the administration of the service and works with the counsellors to ensure that professional standards are maintained.  Phoenix also has volunteers who assist with the admin and finances.


Please note; Phoenix Counselling Service is not a crisis response service, if you need immediate help, here are some useful contact numbers;

The Samaritans 116123

The Staffordshire Mental Health Helpline 0808 800 2234 

The Crisis Team 0808 196 3002



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You can request counselling at Phoenix by using the online contact form found here,

by emailing or by phoning/texting 07415517663.   

If you leave a voicemail message, please include your name and a contact number. 

The manager of Phoenix will contact you (usually by text or email) and will arrange

a time to  discuss the counselling with you.


Taking that first step towards requesting counselling can be daunting, and it is important to us that you feel supported from the start.

When the manager calls you back she will talk to you about what to expect from counselling at Phoenix.  You will be asked for some personal information. This information is covered by the Phoenix data protection policy which is available to you. Our privacy notice gives details of what information is recorded and how it is stored and used. The Privacy Notice and Service Agreement will be sent to you.


The manager will also discuss confidentiality and will ask you to give a brief outline of the sort of issues you wish to talk about.  This will be used to help to ensure you see a counsellor who is able to help you.  You will be advised if there is a waiting time for appointments.  

When appointments are available your referral will be passed to one of our counsellors who will contact you to arrange your first session.  


If affordable we ask for a financial contribution of £1, £5, £10 or £20 for each session, however we want counselling to be available to everyone and so , if this is not affordable the sessions will be provided without charge.  This will be discussed during the first phonecall with the manager of Phoenix.  As a small charity all the financial contributions for counselling sessions are used to help with the running costs.   


Counselling provides a safe, confidential space where you can speak about your thoughts and feelings, with a professionally trained counsellor and work through problems that you might be facing in your life. 

Phoenix offers up to 7 counselling sessions, the sessions usually last for 50 minutes and can be arranged weekly or fortnightly, depending on what suits you best. You and your counsellor will discuss this at your first session.  We are aware that there are times when 7 sessions are not enough because of the issues being talked about and so there is flexibility to extend this number.


The first session provides an opportunity for you and your counsellor to decide if you feel comfortable working together. Your counsellor will tell you about how they work and there will be some paperwork to complete together. There will be time for you to start to talk about what you are experiencing. ​


Our approach to counselling is based on trying to help you to understand your situation, identify changes that you want to make and then work towards making them. This may involve looking at your past and/or present experiences and at patterns of thinking, in order to help you to move forward. Counselling is not about giving advice, but about helping you to look at what is happening, and explore ways to bring about change. 


If you have any questions regarding what to expect, please feel free to get in touch. There will also be opportunity for you to ask any questions during your first telephone conversation.  

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To ask a question or to make a self-referral, simply fill in your details into the form below, or give us a call and leave a voicemail.

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